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ATPOL II – Energized (ESA) Tester

Energized Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) Testing Instrument

Test your motor quickly and easily with the most complete energized motor and power diagnostic instrument, all in a handheld, lightweight package. The ALL-TEST PRO On-Line II™ electrical signature analysis tool delivers superior AC diagnostics for the evaluation of your motor health, including electrical and mechanical rotor health, stator health, air gap, and the entire driven load, whether geared, bladed, or belted.

This power quality and electric motor analyzer is the most complete electrical signature and power analysis instrument for AC/DC motors, generators, and transformers. The ATPOL II™ software analyzes and reports on the electrical and mechanical conditions of the entire motor or generator system. Track results easily with smart, automatic diagnostic tools for AC/DC motors, generators and transformers.

Product Overview

The ATPOL II™ offers many software and data analysis advantages compared to the competition, including key determinations that are made automatically, including:

  • Line frequency, running speed and pole pass frequency
  • Software automatically looks for patterns related to stator slot and rotor bar fault frequencies
  • Automatic detection of static or dynamic eccentricity faults
  • Evaluation of incoming power, including harmonics
  • Calculates efficiency for AC induction & DC motors
  • Power analysis includes sag/swell and transient detection, plus energy consumption data logging

The ATPOL II™ has passed the highest standards for CAT III 1000V. The CAT IV 600V rating signifies it is suitable for testing at the service entrance (≤ 600V).

Advantages of the ALL-TEST PRO On-Line II™

The ATPOL II™ software features superior diagnostic tools that are both smart and automatic. Maintenance staff can easily track the testing results and receive reports on the electrical and the mechanical condition of the motor.

The ATPOL II™ is equipped with Bluetooth® and allows users to safely and easily view and collect data from a laptop while outside of the arc flash zone. No need to keep track of additional cables.Whether you’re testing your equipment in the field or performing a routine check of your motor assets, count on the ATPOL II™ to provide reliable results in a timely manner.

No need to deal with downtime and repair broken machinery after the fact. Follow trends over time and schedule maintenance as needed on your production schedule. With the ATPOL II™, you can act proactively to prevent common motor failures and make the most of valuable production time in your facility.