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ALL-TEST PRO Motor Genie

The MOTOR GENIE® is a handheld motor tester that uses patented technology to troubleshoot low-voltage AC induction motors rated less than 1000V. It is capable of finding winding faults, including coil-to-coil, turn-to-turn and grounded windings.

The MOTOR GENIE® also measures impedance, phase angle, current/frequency response, phase to phase resistance and insulation-to-ground resistance.

With its advanced capabilities, the MOTOR GENIE® outperforms other traditional tools as resistance meters only take measurements. The MOTOR GENIE® goes beyond measurement taking abilities and analyzes the condition of the motor. The APP gives you clear answers in GOOD, BAD & WARN for the motor’s measured test data points

Why Use the Motor Genie® Tester?

When it comes to a motor resistance test, the MOTOR GENIE® offers you a multifaceted analysis of the state of your motor. With complete details on your motor’s health, you will be able to determine the condition of the entire motor.

Identify: connection & cabling issues, overheating and motor tripping problems as well as determine the overall health of the motor.

Applications of the MOTOR GENIE® include:

  • Incoming & Outgoing motor inspection (tags) for new and used motors
  • Troubleshooting cabling & motor
  • Test hard to reach motors: submerged or overhead
  • Safe low voltage test methods ensure greater safety
  • Fast 3-minute test
  • Portable handheld with long battery life

Motor failure is a common occurrence that can lead to unforeseen downtime. Unplanned downtime will cost you precious time and money, which can set you back significantly on your budget and deadlines. The MOTOR GENIE® offers handheld motor testing that gives you instant motor health answers so you can be proactive and take control of your motor’s health.

How Does the Motor Genie® Work?

The MOTOR GENIE® is easy and intuitive to operate with simple controls. Before you begin, make sure your motor has been de-energized to avoid any harm to yourself or damage to the instrument.

A quick 3-minute test will check:

  • Resistance – Identify winding and cabling issues
  • (Z) Impedance – Identify contamination or overheating issues related to motor winding health
  • (I/F) Current/frequency response – Identify turn to turn or coil to coil faults
  • (φ ) Phase Angle – Identify winding shorts
  • Phase Balance – Identify motor winding issues. Unbalances lead to premature motor failures.
  • Phase Resistance – Identify connection issues
  • Insulation to ground conductor and ground issues