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VibWorks Supervisor – Data Management Software

VibWorks Supervisor provides reliability managers with statistical data reflecting health of the monitored assets, not only on a point or machine level, but also globally on the entire plant or department.

When you have the right tool at your disposal you can increase assets uptime, protect your investments and maintain economic operations.


Machinery reliability is a major concern to industry from both an economic and productivity standpoint. Using VibWorks Supervisor will allow for proper management of your assets.

VibWorks Supervisor connects directly to the server and retrieves compiled data through the plant network, making it accessible from any location.

VibWorks Supervisor contains an extended Criticality Classification Module, using risk assessment matrices. This enables you to evaluate impact on production, health and environment, spare parts availability and repair time.

Using the vibration database, Supervisor is your perfect companion when global analysis is required. You will be able to analyze and compile global dynamic behavior of your assets. As well as group your analysis by department, by group of machines, by criticality or by plant.

Failure Distribution

Break down failures affecting your assets.

ABC Chart

Sort failures by occurrences to prioritize your future actions.

Direct Costs

Compile direct cost related to failures including parts and labor.

Hidden Costs

Dissect failures hidden costs including production loss.

Estimate CM Savings

Evaluate the achievements of your CM program.

Decision Support

Back your decisions and prioritize your future actions.