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VibWorks Cortex – Online Monitoring System

Embedded Processing

Thanks to its powerful dual-core ARM processor, CMS is able to process up to 5 vibration indicators (RMS, Peak, CF, KU, Overall Velocity) per channel as well as 6 power in bands, up to 102.4 KHz (Fmax = 40 KHz) sampling frequency, lowpass/highpass/in band filtering, FFT spectra and much more. Real time waveform per point can be streamed continuously to the Cortex Core (HMI) for more powerful analysis.

Triggers and Adaptive Algorithms

Trigger and operating condition checking tasks are very fast (milliseconds) allowing CMS to monitor assets accurately with short running cycles. Embedded adaptive algorithms makes CMS suitable to monitor even variable state and complex machinery and to respond in real time to changes during transient conditions. No event will be missed!

RMS threshold feature is used as a trigger in sensorless cases or when process parameters are not available. It can be automatically enabled in faulty sensor scenarios to track the operating state of the monitored machine ensuring continuous monitoring and maximum autonomy.

Flexibility and Modularity

Over 50 input/output modules to measure and interact with all parameters and relevant inputs (vibration, voltage, current, proximity probes, pressure and temperature) in various configurations. Standard version comes in 32 channels or 16 (easy upgradable), designed to monitor flawlessly up to 8 or 4 machines respectively thanks to multiple easy configurable triggers and real time adaptive processing. CMS can be customized to fit your needs in terms of channels count and sensors complexity.