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FLIR Videoscope – VS290-32

The FLIR VS290-32 is an industrial thermal and visual videoscope designed to help professionals quickly and safely find hidden dangers in difficult-to-access locations, especially underground electrical distribution vaults. Featuring a 160 × 120 true thermal imager and FLIR MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), the VS290-32 enables users to catch hot spots before a failure occurs to maintain uptime. The 2 m camera probe makes it possible to easily inspect through small openings – improving productivity and reducing diagnostic time. Plus, the CAT IV 600 V safety rating makes the VS290-32 a rugged and versatile tool for the most demanding environments in utility, manufacturing, and building maintenance applications.

Inspect Inaccessible Areas Safely

Quickly find hidden faults using the 160 × 120 true thermal imager with MSX and 2 MP visual camera, without entering difficult-to-access places.

Identify, Document, Share

Improve workflow and communicate potential issues before they become major problems using FLIR Thermal Studio.

Versatile, Rugged, Reliable

CAT IV 600 V rated and offers a high level of protection against dust and water for the most demanding environments.