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ALL-TEST PRO All-Safe Connection Boxes – Energized Connection

Energized Testing Accessory

Conduct safe, easy and accurate ESA testing in only 60 seconds with the ALL-SAFE PRO® motor connection box. The ALL-SAFE PRO® is a permanently installed connection accessory for the ATPOL II™ energized testing instrument. With this electric motor connection box, the ATPOL II™ can perform tests easily with a quick disconnect. Maintenance staff can safely and easily collect test data while the motor is energized and under load without opening the electrical panel.

With the ALL-SAFE PRO®, there is no need for special Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or arc flash protective equipment. The energized testing instrument is compatible with the ATPOL II™ and the ALL-SAFE PRO® cap for safety when not in use.

Collecting energized testing data while a motor is under load requires an innovative connection accessory that goes beyond traditional methods.The ALL-SAFE PRO® connection accessory for ESA testing offers the best in safety, accuracy, ease of use, and superior diagnostic results.

Another ATP advantage is the split-core current transformers (CT) for the 100A and 1000A versions of the ALL-SAFE PRO®. There is no need to disconnect motor phase leads when installing the current transformers. This feature alone can represent substantial savings in time and money

The use of the connection cable from the ATPOL II™ to the ALL-SAFE PRO® connection point is required. Along with the ATPOL II™ testing instrument, the ALL-SAFE PRO® allows you to collect critical data safely and efficiently so you can make the most of the operational hours in your facility. The test only takes 60 seconds after the connection is made, so your team can perform a nearly unlimited number of tests per day.

ALL-SAFE PRO® eliminates connection errors, protects staff from hazardous voltages, and gives you the results you need to make an informed decision every time.

Benefits of the ALL-SAFE PRO® Motor Connection Box

After installation, using the ALL-SAFE PRO® is relatively simple. There is no need to open the electrical panel when testing with the electric motor connection box. Simply connect it to the ATPOL II™ with the motor connection cable to view and collect data from the motor system.

When the ALL-SAFE PRO® is not in use, the output pins are automatically deactivated. You don’t have to worry about staff members facing exposure to dangerous voltage.

ALL-SAFE PRO® comes with a permanently installed connection box used with ATPOL II™. Eliminates the need to open electrical panels when recording motor data. Improves operator safety, simplifies and expedites the testing process. Each ALL-SAFE PRO® comes with three current transformers.