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ALL-TEST PRO 31 – Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) System

Motor Testing Is Integral to the Success and Efficiency of Your Business

Finding just one fault can save your organization countless hours of downtime and provide thousands of dollars in savings. The ALL-TEST PRO 31 goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional Meg-Ohm-Meter testing. It detects faults that the Meg-Ohm-Meter and Digital Multimeter are not able to, ensuring that you have a more complete view into the condition of your motor’s health.

A rotor test helps you detect rotor issues such as broken rotor bars and eccentricity. This Motor Testing Instrument tests low voltage AC Induction Motors for troubleshooting (it helps you know in minutes whether the problem is electrical or mechanical, coil or rotor, internal fault or ground fault), start-up (it helps you ensure all electrical motors are working in top conditions), quality assistance (to test all new, repaired and stored spare motors), and light PdM (also suited for limited, manual, and predicted maintenance). Maximize your investment by testing newly installed motors to ensure proper installation and prevent startup failure, testing motor spares to ensure they are in good condition and ready for service, and troubleshooting motors that have quit running by testing from the MCC or directly at the motor.

The AT31 top quality features

  • Tests take less than 3 minutes
  • Measures Impedance (Z), Phase Angle (Fi), Current/Frequency Response (I/F) and insulation to ground resistance (500V or 1000V test voltage)
  • Detects faults before motor failure
  • Detects rotor faults