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Easy-Laser Generation XT Alignment Tools

  • Easy-Laser XT770 - Dual Dot Laser

    Easy-Laser® XT770 is the most powerful of our Generation XT alignment systems. The 360° Live feature gives you even more possibilities to perform advanced adjustments.

  • Easy-Laser XT660 - Dual Dot Laser

    Easy-Laser® XT660 is the second member of our Generation XT alignment systems, built upon our new cross-platform technology. This means you will be able to display data on a multitude of different handheld devices, including our own XT11.

  • Easy-Laser XT550 - Intrinsically Safe/Ex

    The Ex-approved XT550 system is developed for hazardous areas and is easily operated through our XT Alignment app. It is an advanced measurement system for alignment of horizontal and vertical/flange mounted rotating machinery.​

  • Easy-Laser XT440 - Line Laser

    With Easy-Laser XT440 you can perform all necessary steps of shaft alignment on horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines. The user-friendly software, available in 10 languages, guides you step by step through the measurement process.

  • Easy-Laser XT280 - Vibration Meter

    ​Easy-Laser® XT280 is an easy-to-use vibration monitoring and analysis tool that allows easy display of vibration signals.

Easy-Laser E-Series Alignment Tools

  • Easy-Laser E720 - Shaft Alignment/GEO System

    With Easy-Laser® E720 we include our very versatile laser transmitter D22, and all geometric apps. With this measurement system you can perform almost any kind of machine set-up and quality check.

  • Easy-Laser E710 - Shaft Alignment System

    With system Easy-Laser® E710 you ensure that the machines have optimal conditions for problem-free operation, without risk of unplanned downtime.

Belt/Pulley Alignment